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South Korea Next Generation Military Tank prototyp

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XK-2 aka Black Panther (Korean: 차기전차 XK-2 '흑표') is the Republic of Korea's recently revealed prototype for a next-generation main battle tank. XK-2, or eXperimental K2, was developed by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) of South Korea with purely indigenous technology, and will be the successor to the K1 series main battle tanks. The Black Panther is in its final design phase, and will see its initial production by 2008 or 2009, with the ROK Army planning to field approximately 1500 to 1700 XK2 battle tanks starting in 2011. The letter "X" will be dropped from its type designation number once the experimental stage is complete.

Maneuverability and Attack Features

The Black Panther will feature advanced sensor packages and fire control systems. The tank also has a 120 mm L55 main gun, with enough power to defeat the frontal armor of most main battle tanks, and a new improved 1500 horsepower MTU licensed from Germany. (Up from 1200 horsepower that of K1 series')

The vehicle can travel at speeds up to 70 km/h on surface roads, while being able to maintain speeds up to 50 km/h on offroad conditions. It can also cross rivers as deep as 4 meters using a snorkle.

In addition to the standard 120 mm smoothbore barrel, 12.7 mm K-6 heavy machine gun, and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, the tank can also be fitted with an optional 140 mm smoothbore barrel that Rheinmetall has experimented with for increased firepower.

The Black Panther inherits the same type of extensive suspension system that the K1 series has, and thus it will be able to "sit", "stand", and "kneel". "Sitting" gives the tank lower profile and offer better handling over roads. "Standing" gives the vehicle higher ground clearance and allows it to have better maneuverability over rough terrain. "Kneeling" increases the amount of angle that the tank's gun barrel can elevate and depress, which allows the tank to fire its main gun downhill--something that very few tanks, if there are any others at all, can do--and give it better ability to engage low-flying aircraft.

Armor and Defensive Features

Defense against incoming missiles include both soft- and hard-kill anti-missile systems. XK-2 will be equipped with all-bearing LASER detection pod that indicates from which direction the enemy is illuminating the tank from, as well as LASER and RADAR warning receivers and jammers. Hard-kill AMS consists of two anti-missile grenade launchers located rear end of the turret that can track in and destroy incoming missiles automatically before the missile can hit the tank, providing protection effective against top-armor penetrating anti-tank missiles.

The Black Panther will also be equipped with a millimeter band RADAR system, combined with next-generation FCS, that will allow it to track and engage low-flying aircraft with the main gun quickly and accurately.

The armor on the Black Panther will consist of two types; one being the improved second-generation Chobham or its derivative and the second being Active Defense System utilizing Explosive Reactive Armor blocks.

Extra features

The tank is also fitted with Inter-Vehicular Information System, or IVIS for short, for rapid coordination and increased situational awareness between friendly forces.

A work is under way to integrate unmanned wheeled reconnaissance vehicle, designated as XAV or experimental Autonomous Vehicle, into Black Panther's systems, giving the tank ability to remotely scout the designated area without exposing itself.

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